June 19, 2008




Bedard and Burke,
no longer "Together Forever"

Posted by Ryan Divish

With the call-up last night of Jeff Clement, McLaren made it clear today in his pregame meeting that Clement is up, and will play and will do that catching, not DHing.

"Last time we tried him as DH and it was awfully difficult situation for a young kid, so we're going to catch him quite a bit," McLaren said.

Exactly how much is quite a bit?

"We're going to catch him a lot," McLaren said.

So a lot could be three out of five days?

"That and more," McLaren said.


And so what is going to happen with the regular starting catcher Kenji Johjima? Well, he was seen taking ground balls at first yesterday. Johjima said he was extremely uncomfortable at the position, though he played it a few games in Japan when he had a sore shoulder.

"We're going to DH him and catch him some," McLaren said.

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